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Manage appointments with the online scheduling software

We have designed smart appointment management solution to ease and simplify the process for organizations and their customers. Our objective is to build an appointment management solution for businesses that will act as a platform for organizations to manage their appointments. Moreover, our solution helps their potential customers schedule, re-schedule or cancel existing appointments with these organizations.

With OnlineToken, you can book your appointments at anytime and at anywhere with our smart appointment management solution. OnlineToken enables you to get real-time updates for guests and customers on their appointments. Additionally, they will get automatic reminders on the day of their appointment with our smart appointment management solution. Therefore, your customers and employees will no longer have to lose endless hours.

Online booking software for businesses

When an appointment system is integrated with a queue management system, it becomes a powerful system that enables service providers to move customers seamlessly from an online to in-person visit. Hence, our appointment scheduling system is a boon for service-based local businesses, professionals, and mid-large enterprises across multiple industries. It helps boost the practice to satisfy their customers, improves coordination between staff, hassle-free data management inside and outside of the office, increases customer engagement, and much more.

  • Less pressure on staff
  • Control over customer footfall on premises
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Better customer experience

We help organizations focus on creating a streamlined, high caliber customer experience. OnlineToken allows customers to book, reschedule, and cancel any number of appointments through a web interface. OnlineToken appointment scheduling solution is the best example of technology used for service providers to remove the hassle from managing appointments, making the workflow less cluttered, time and efficiency savings, improving data capturing and reporting, and offering customers a greater choice and convenience. In addition to this, improving patient trust and loyalty are the advantages in adopting our smart appointment management solution at your company or organization.

Shift your day’s focus to your business

Organize your time by setting your working hours, approximate cancellation times, and limit the time. Your guests can schedule their appointments such that you can realign your day for your business with ONLINE TOKEN- smart appointment management system.


Help your customers arrive on time

Remind your customers with timely customized reminders on all of their appointments. With our smart appointment management system, your customers will be able to arrive on time and thereby won’t affect your business’ lead times.

Eliminate absenteeism

Fix workforce times and realign them with customers’ appointments to make sure that your workforce is able to make most of their time. There is no customer absenteeism with real time information updates on their appointment status and flexible rescheduling.


Give control to your customers

With ONLINE TOKEN- smart appointment management system, let your customers choose when to book appointment and the freedom to reschedule as per their convenience and availability.


2x advantage

OnlineToken provides you with a unique solution that blends the benefits of both appointment system and waitlist.

Shows availability

depending on your customers’ position in the queue or the waitlist. It informs them whether their service provider is available or not.

Late coming

It informs customers about an upcoming appointment and notifies them when they are getting late for an appointment.


We customize the solution specific to your business needs keeping in mind the intricate aspects of operation.

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